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1 escuela, 3 cursos


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Cursos de inglés generales

Estos cursos de inglés generales son ideales para los adultos que mejorar la capacidad de hablar, escuchar, leer y escribir en inglés. La mayoría de los cursos son para adultos de 16 años y mayor. Cursos disponibles de 2 a 48 semanas. La mayorïa de los cursos de inglés intensivos duran un promedio de 30 lecciones semanales.

Preguntas y respuestas

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"Do you have an accreditations Bildungsurlaub for Germany?"

Barbara Rauscher, estudiante de !country
Tanja Hölzer
For Bildungsurlaub we need to know for which state in Germany she would like to apply. Depending on the state, we can tell you if we are accredited or not. Every state in Germany has other requirements. The state depends where the main office of his work is located. Usually students are required to take a 2-week Group Course Intensive (30 les/wk) program, in some cases additional 10 private lessons per week are required. For Berlin for example also our 1-week intensive courses are recognized, but one has to apply about 10 weeks prior the program start to get the corresponding recognition. A combination from your client’s inquiry (Group Course Standard (20+ les/wk) + Windsurfing) would in no case be possible to be recognized as a Bildungsurlaub as a minimum of 30 lessons (or more) per week are required.
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"Would he need to get some sort of Student visa?"

Dyan Test, estudiante de EE.UU
Carmen López
I guess he needs a Student Visa, but he has to check in the Dominican Republic Consulate to make sure he needs a VISA:
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