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Cursos de inglés generales

Estos cursos de inglés generales son ideales para los adultos que mejorar la capacidad de hablar, escuchar, leer y escribir en inglés. La mayoría de los cursos son para adultos de 16 años y mayor. Cursos disponibles de 2 a 48 semanas. La mayorïa de los cursos de inglés intensivos duran un promedio de 30 lecciones semanales.

Preparación de la prueba

Cursos de preparación para exámenes de inglés

Estos cursos de preparación para exámenes oficiales de inglés son ideales para estudiantes que quieren prepararse para el examen de competencia en inglés para mejorar perspectivas de trabajo o acceder a una universidad.

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"The student wants to study on a Student Visa (not a Tourist Visa). Can he do so in this course? What are the criteria for acquiring a Student VIsa?"

Dyan Test, estudiante de EE.UU
Mehtap Gayda
The must book for intensive Turkish lesson, 20 lessons per week.For the student visa: First he should send a non-refundable enrollment fee (we pay the notary and posting fees) plus passport copy and our enrollment form. Then we send him visa documents and he apply for a student visa at the Turkish embassy. After he gets the visa, he pays all the fees, before arriving to Turkey. If he wants this course, he can get a tourist visa and extend it here for another period. he must check antalya police department for foreigners (residence permit) website for his country. Also, there are english and other language options.
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"What kind of visa does he need? Does he need a Student Visitor Visa to study for 4 weeks? How long should this visa application process take?"

The student would need a Student Visitor Visa to study for 4 weeks. Unfortunately we cannot control how long the process takes as that varies from embassy to embassy. We can send the documents he requires after receipt of the funds and then he needs to make an appointment with his local embassy.
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"Does the student need a visa?"

Liza Test Lead B, estudiante de !country
Ursula Boess
Official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels to Turkey with turistic purposes up to 90 days within 180 days, starting from the first entry date. Ordinary passport holders are required to have visa to enter Turkey. Ordinary passport holders can obtain their three month period multiple entry sticker type visa at the Turkish border gates upon their arrival.
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